Elon Musk’s Vanity Underground Las Vegas Tunnel

“Safety concerns have been raised for Elon Musk ‘s futuristic “loop” transportation tunnels after riders experienced a traffic jam while using the system during a Las Vegas convention. The tunnels were built by billionaire Musk’s The Boring Company and use Tesla vehicles to transport riders in a single lane underground.”


Traffic jams occur in Elon Musk’s “Vegas Loop” tunnel, reciprocating around CES participants

We are wasting money and lots of it on vanity ideas instead of making a viable above ground bullet train system to start connecting mass hubs via large scale public transportation.

This tunnel is beyond ridiculous – if a car breaks down the tow truck would literally have to enter potentially miles down the way and REVERSE drive to the vehicle for miles to rescue it all while everyone behind the breakdown is TRAPPED potentially for hours.

This stuff spins my brain how the same company accelerating private space ventures can’t figure out that this system is as dumb as it gets.

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